Knowing all the benefits of quitting, why do people continue to smoke?

The simple answer is fear. Here are some examples:

  • The fear of putting on weight – in hypnosis the unwanted behavior of smoking is replaced with healthy behaviors of your own choice. You will have no need or desire for excess food.
  • The fear of being haunted by unwanted cravings - hypnosis helps ease that feeling of needing a cigarette.
  • The fear of not being able to relax without a cigarette or of becoming irritable, moody and stressed - hypnosis helps take away the cravings and teaches you how to relax completely and keeps you calm in any situation.
  • The fear of failing to quit, especially if there have been previous unsuccessful attempts - after one session of hypnosis, most people will feel confident and determined that they can and will achieve their goal of becoming a non-smoker. Most clients stop immediately.
  • The fear that you may have to go through pain and discomfort. People discover that they have simply stopped smoking and with hypnosis it just happened naturally. You will be taught tools and techniques to help you stay smoke free easily and permanently.

“I’ve been a smoker most of my life and have tried to stop many times, without much success. I got to the point where I was smoking over a pack a day. A friend recommended NewLifeNow Hypnosis and I figured I’ve tried everything else so why not. I was amazed that after only 1 session I didn’t feel compelled to smoke! This has lasted almost a year and I still don’t feel the cravings I used to.”

Nathan Soule
Tampa, Florida

Here are the REAL fears and costs created by lifetime of smoking:

Smoking can cause heart attacks, emphysema and many cancers including lung, mouth, esophagus and pancreatic cancer- one of the deadliest that has little or no warning signs

Every cigarette you smoke takes eleven minutes off your life, which, on average, adds up to 10 years of life you lose, compared to if you were a non-smoker. Cigarette smoking causes about 480,000 deaths each year in the U.S.

For teens who start smoking- 75% think they will stop but don’t, they can develop cravings after just a few cigarettes and smoking can stunt lung growth. Nearly 9 out of 10 adult smokers started by age 18.

The average pack of cigarettes now costs $10! A one pack a day habit would cost you $3650 this year. That is enough money to pay for a vacation, make a car payment each month, pay off a credit card or buy a new wardrobe. If you stop smoking today, in thirty years (@ 2% interest) you will have saved over $150,000!

Smoking is not pretty. Smoking often causes premature wrinkling, stained teeth, bad breath and even tooth loss.

At NewLifeNow Hypnosis,
we can help you quit

Hypnosis is a permanent solution because it removes the desire and need to smoke. You will not need nicotine gum or patches, medication, E-cigarettes or inhalers. All you have to do for hypnosis to work for you, is to relax comfortably and follow your hypnotist’s instructions, as the positive suggestions you request are instilled into your subconscious mind.

Could anything be easier?

Our smoking cessation program is designed to ensure your success by providing a 2-hour Stop Smoking session, personalized audio CD, phone or email support and a follow-up session. All of this will help re-enforce your new life as a non-smoker.

NewLifeNow Hypnosis offers programs to help end addiction to cigarettes, cigars or any tobacco product.






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